Glory FM Studio Equipment

RAISED: $10,100.00

GOAL: $25,000.00

When Glory FM was built we wanted to make sure that we spent the money necessary to have a powerful signal and a quality studio. 

Our next phase is updating our studio equipment.  While we are on the air reaching millions of people, our Glory FM staff is operating with very limited studio equipment.  Here is a list of equipment needed:


Console                         $10,000
Back Up Transmitter     $8,000  (if our radio transmitter goes down there is not another one readily available in Uganda so we could be off the air for a potential of months)
soundproofing production studio  $1,500
Broadcast Software          $1,500
Other Essentials            $4,000
Total Equipment Needs:  $25,000


Dallas, TX, United States
Tyler, TX, United States